Kitchen Items For Your New Home

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Cooking is the best way of maintaining your family’s food budget at its minimum. Nearly all meals cooked at home are by far less expensive than similar meals bought in an eatery. When moving to a new home, you will need to consider the essential kitchen items you will need to set up a workable kitchen. You need to have a kitchen items list for new home to know the basic items to buy especially if you are working on a budget. Buying kitchen items can be quite costly but fortunately, you do not need to fully stock the kitchen at once. You can start with only the essential items and buy the rest later without straining yourself financially.

Here are a few equipments for any basic kitchen:

A stove top, oven and a refrigerator

Top Essential Kitchen Items- Kitchen Items List For New Home (1)These are must have appliances that are necessary even before you make any attempt to cook. Without these items particularly the oven and the stove top, it is not possible to cook any meals at home. If you are moving to a new home that already has these appliances installed, you can use them until they wear out or you see the need to upgrade them. If the home does not have the appliances in place, you will need to look for the most durable appliances to buy. Some of the aspects to consider in the appliances include energy efficiency, ease of use and safety standards.

A cutting board and a vegetable peeler

A cutting board comes in handy when chopping and cutting items like onions, carrots and tomatoes. The main reason for getting this board is to prevent the countertop from getting damaged by the knife when preparing meals. A vegetable peeler is an extremely efficient equipment in the kitchen. Even though you can use a knife to peel potatoes, squash and zucchini, a vegetable peeler adds great convenience when preparing meals.

A skillet, large and small pots

When cooking at home, you only need not more than three pots at a time. Use the large pot to cook stews, boil beans and pasta, baking cakes, and preparing foods that are in plenty amount. You can use the small pot to make sauces, and boil small vegetable amounts among other uses. A skillet (preferably a single large one) is your main stove top cooking equipment. When buying these cooking items, ensure that you only settle for hard-anodized aluminum pots and skillet as they are very durable. As such, they can last for decades while still in excellent conditions.

When drafting your kitchen items list for new home, it is important to be creative in identifyingTop Essential Kitchen Items- Kitchen Items List For New Home (3) the items that can be substituted. For instance, you should not buy a cheese slicer unless you will be using it daily to slice more than five pounds of slice. You can simply use a knife to slice your cheese and buy the slicer later after you have bought all the basic items. Any item that does not have more than one use in the kitchen is not a primary equipment and as such can be avoided.…


Fire Safety Tips for the Holidays

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During the holiday season, this is one of the most dangerous moments times of the year. There is always high risk of fire occurring in the home because of the many activities and celebrations that happen during the holidays. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you reduce the risk of the home fires by observing high level safety.

To help you reduce such risks, here are some home fire safety tips for the holidays.


Cooking is one of the major activities during the holidays. It is very easy to get distracted as you cook and leave the kitchen. To ensure that fires do not occur, you should ensure that your fire extinguisher is working in the right way. You should also make sure that your fire extinguisher can help for all types of fires. In addition, you should check that all the smoke detectors are working effectively. Make sure that you also place all the matches from a place where they cannot be reached by your children.


Great Home Fire Safety Tips for the Holidays (1)There are also high incidences of home fires caused by candles during the holiday season. To minimize incidences of candle fires in your home, you should place your candle one foot between the candle and any other item that can burn. Set your candles in sturdy bases or cover using hurricane globes and never leave the flames unattended. You can also enhance safety by using flameless LED candles.

Christmas trees

It takes less than half an hour for a dry tree to burn an entire room. To reduce home fires that might result from Christmas tree, purchase a fresh tree that has intact needles, have a fresh cut on the trunk and make sure that you water it daily. It is almost impossible for a well watered tree to ignite. Keep the tree away from sources of heat such as radiator or fireplace. Keep it at least three feet from sources of heat.

Decorative lightsGreat Home Fire Safety Tips for the Holidays (3)

Decorative lights are mostly used during the holidays. To prevent fires that might result from these lights you should inspect light strings and get rid of any of them that have broken sockets, cracked or frayed wires. When doing the decorations, do not run more than three strings of light from one end to the other. When you hang the lights outside, avoid using staples or nails, which can damage your wiring and boost the risk of a home fire. Make use of hangers or UL-rated clips.…