The Team

John Hogg

Hello! I’m John Hogg.

Who we are 

We are a team of technology enthusiasts and experts from various fields such as telecommunication, Mechanical, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Computing and Information Technology, and others. We share new insights from our various fields and help the non-techies grasp different concepts that they may be interested in. 

Our Mission 

Our mission is to put in black and white the complex concepts from various areas of technology so all can understand them and appreciate them, and at the same time, optimize them to improve their lives. We clarify the concepts through articles, videos, webinars, and other ways. 

Our Target Audience  

Our target audience is all tech fanatics and gurus, and anyone else who would be interested in tech. The non-tech experts have a home here at Botted Ifero Technologies because they will learn various things that they may not have got a resource to get information from. 

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