Life Improving Benefits of Technology

Life Improving Benefits of Technology

Technology has benefited us for the better part of the past few decades. We can all thank technologies like TuneFind, Google, PayPal, Weather, Newspaper, Instagram, Skype, and YouTube to improve our quality of living. Living in this modern age is such a privilege due to everything is convenient and easy to use.

Suppose you got a song stuck in your head, you can just go to Google to type the lyrics, and it will show you the song name and artist, then you can just youtube you drive me crazy. For example, the song you’ve been looking at is you drive me crazy by Britney Spears, and since you already know the song name, and it will instantly take you to that song, isn’t technology wonderful? Here are other benefits of technology that improved our lives:

Fast and Easy Communication

Human communication has never been easier with the help of technology. You’ll notice that most of our division is because we don’t understand each other and if you put an Arab and a Chinese in a room, they could not understand each other, let alone communicate well with one another. But with the help of language translation technology, we can type in what we wanted to say and get a direct translation to our interlocutor’s language! This means that even if you’re stuck in foreign lands and you don’t speak the people’s language, all you have to do is open up Google and translate what you’re saying into the native language!

Better Access to Information

Suppose you suddenly got the urge to start cooking Chicken Biryani, but you don’t know the recipe of the Indian dish, so what do you do? Do you post a wanted ad around your neighborhood, searching for Indians to help you out with making the dish? Or do you just go to Google and type in chicken biryani recipe? Of course, the answer is the latter.

Before search browsers, access to information is so limited that our grandparents have to spend hours rummaging through hard copies of books and magazines to find out a piece of information that doesn’t even guarantee that it will answer their queries. Google and other search browsers have helped improve our lives by giving us better access to information; just a quick search on the platform, and you can get the solution to your problem!

Great Opportunities for Learning


With access to information, learning is as easy as pie! What do you think you could learn with all of the available information on the internet nowadays? So many things, right? Technology has helped us redefine learning, and that means we don’t actually have to be present in a classroom being engaged with a teacher to learn something new. We can just listen to a podcast or check out a tutorial video on YouTube to learn a new skill and gain knowledge. Now people can understand things better, and the average intelligence of mankind has doubled than in the past century.

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