Old School Music Devices

Old School Music Devices

People and music are inseparable no wonder whichever year you were born; there were music gadgets that music lovers treasured. They would play recorded music on these devices or listen to radio stations to entertain them with their favorite musicians’ songs. And it was no less fun back then because they knew no better music devices.

The Prince’s songs from the 80s reigned the show and left the audience thoroughly thrilled, thanks to the great performers that did justice to the event.

So, what are some of the old school music devices that made music a great thing back in the days?

78 Record Player

All the flat disc records made from around 1898 to the 1950s and their playing speed are about 78rpm are referred to as 78s by collectors. They are generally brittle and were made of shellac resins, which explains why they were also referred to as shellac records. These records and players are a rare sight, and instead of playing them if you own one, you could sell them for a fortune to vintage collectors. Perhaps the proceeds from selling a 78 would mean more than the emotional attachment to it.

The Boom Box

boom boxThe boom box is a portable transistorized device comprising an FM/AM radio and one or two cassette player/recorder and mostly had a carrying handle. The boom box of the 80s and the new portable music players of the 90s changed the whole perception of music because they made music to start being heard on the streets.

The music player is still popular to date, and you will find some people using it in their homes or offices. The latest versions of the boom box come with CD players to substitute the cassette player. Nowadays, some are being manufactured and include innovations like using Blue Tooth to keep up to date with technology.

8 Track Tape Player

You could find the 8 track tape player in some of the vintage automobiles. These devices were more popular in the period before the CD players. The devices were also known as Stereo Eight and nearly became one of the global sensations in the late 60s. Due to their small size and portability, the motor vehicle manufacturers preferred them, but the radio cassettes soon obscured them.

a walkman music playerThe old school list of music devices would be incomplete without mentioning the Walkman that played cassettes and transformed the music scene in the 70s. There were also portable CD players, which played CDs and MP3s.

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