Advantages Of A Vhf Radio

Advantages Of A Vhf Radio

Very high frequency (VHF) radio signals occupy the lower end of the radio frequency spectrum. A vhf marine radio for outdoor use depending on he kid of results that you would like to get.

Other uses include; golf courses, outdoor security, grounds maintenance workers, open fields, etc. Their longer wavelength signals can travel further compared to UHF signals. Here are the benefits of VHF radios:

Fewer Interference

VHF radio has higher frequencies which means you can send far more data in less time. There is less interference from background radiation like an electrical system interfering with wireless phone reception.

The institute for criminal justice education (ICJE) recommends VHF over HF radios for this reason. They are ideal for wireless communication, penetrating through buildings, concrete, or walls.

Higher Frequency

VHF radios offer a very large broadcast range using radio waves of 30 MHZ to 300 MHZ with corresponding wavelengths of 10 to 1 meter. They are perfect for outdoor use because they

offer signal degradation in urban areas and areas with obstacles. The marine VHF radio uses FM channels in the frequency of 156 and 174 MHZ. VHF radios transmit over long distances and cause fewer disruptions to other stations at night.

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variety of antennas

The success in Transferring energy from the radio frequency power amplifier to the atmosphere depends on the choice of antenna. They can range from a few inches to over 20 feet. VHF antennas must be in the line of sight for better communication. Smaller antennas are much cheaper than longer ones and are best for handheld VHF radios.

A higher antenna is good to maximize your range. If you are using a VHF radio for marine purposes, mount your antenna as high as possible. The higher the antenna, the less likely it to have interference. An angle below vertical will reduce the performance of your radio signal. Marine antennas are portable and affordable than other types of antennas.

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Good For Marine Environment

They are mostly used for the harsh marine environment. This is because they are waterproof and can withstand salty conditions. The VHF radios are well protected against oxidation and seizures. Their signal is strong on the water compared to other radios.

The marines use VHF radios as a form of communication to ensure even the distress messages are broadcasted, this enables them to get quick response. The radios are good for collective safety with the shire stations and other boats listening. They can have many users depending on the same channel without coverage issues. When communicating with another boat the user doesn’t have to keep repeating, the sound quality is good.

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